Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ted Kennedy, Captain Queeg and the Strawberries, Revisited

Thank you Zell Miller! You, in comparing Kennedy to Capt. Queeg and Ahab, have raised an important point about the Senator from Massachusetts. HAS HE LOST HIS MIND?
Kennedy sums up all that is wrong with today's Democratic party.
What in the world is going on? We have witnessed him scowling, head shaking, sleeping and misbehaving through various speeches by President Bush and Ronald Reagan's funeral. Why is he still important? Why would anyone in their right mind listen to a man who seems bent on fomenting discord within our own political system. If it were a bright sunny day, and President Bush stated that fact, Kennedy and his minions would (while fanning themselves and wearing sunglasses), proclaim it to be the most horrible downpour in decades.
The "prominent" democrats in our political system are doing nothing short of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They, by their antagonistic and hate filled rhetoric, add fuel to the fire of anti-Americanism around the globe. The orange-hat wearing screamers in today's political world are making our country lose credibility. One needs only to read the foreign press to realize that the left, worldwide, is gloating and giggling about what is happening and about the destruction from within.
What is the reason for this? Prominent Dems, wealthy and elitist, do not represent the "downtrodden". They and their Hollywood buddies DO NOT speak for mainstream America. What is the outcome that they desire? Why is their goal to create a divided society and the collapse of the nation created by our founding fathers?
The United States is not and should not become a socialist country. Think back to the former Soviet Union. Remember that the majority lived in poverty, had no personal freedoms, no free speech and had their entire life from cradle to grave set out by their government. Remember that the priveledged ones were the members of government who dictated what was "best" for the masses. Remember that, like the elitists in the Democratic party, academia, and Hollywood, they lived quite well, while those they "represented" lived a harsh and hopeless life.
Is this what you want for the United States. Do you want everyone to be equal in poverty and live life without hope? That is what we are headed for. As long as the "disenfranchised" cling to their losses and fail to lift themselves up, we are destined to fall. As long as the loudest voices are those from the left, the divide will widen. When hatred of the United States is as strong from within as it is from without our road is short and its destination is frightening.
It is time for the silent majority to become at least as vocal and active as the left. It is time to write, vote, boycott and become active. Stand up for members of our military who are serving, stand up as strongly for the traditional values of this country as those who hate them stand up against them. Don't let your comfortable life lull you into believing that everything is fine. Captain Queeg won't stop, he is going to find his strawberries if he has to take away all of our rights to do so.


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